TDSunshine Difference

The TDSunshine Difference

TDSunshine believes that there are 8 primary reasons why your Community Association should choose our company as its management partner:

1. People. We are in a Resident Services business and the quality of the Resident Experience is 100% dependent on the quality of the TDSunshine team – our people. We are very proud to have the best and well trained staff in South Florida.

2. Owner Operated. TDSunshine is a Florida Resident owned and operated Management Company. We have all of the resources and experience to meet your Community’s goals and objectives and, as a Board Member and Owner, you have direct access to the owners of TDSunshine every day.

3. Specialists. TDSunshine made a strategic decision several years ago that we could not be all things to all communities. We chose small to medium communities as our target market. We do not manage an extraordinary number of communities, just a number of extraordinary ones.

4. Financial Services. Accurate, timely, and meaningful financial information is necessary for the smooth and efficient operation of your property. Our accounting software allows for customized reporting, which will provide timely, precise and accurate information to the Board of Directors and Owners.

5. Technology. TDSunshine has embraced technology to enhance and economize our service offerings. We employ a customized system especially for Property Management.

6. Reporting. We understand that timely and relevant information is critical to successfully operate an Association and rental properties. TDSunshine believes communication is the key both between TDSunshine and the Board and Owners. The Associations and Rental properties will receive an electronic update with the significant activities of that month.

7. Attention. You will have the undivided attention of your TDSunshine Team.

8. Cost. We do not believe cost should be the primary determinant in selecting a management company. However, TDSunshine can not only provide our clients with the services it needs at a lower cost, we believe we can help you to achieve savings in other line items in the budget as well.